[JCI] Asia Pacific Conference 2023 vom 10.05.2023 bis 13.05.2023 (= 4 Tage)

Jakarta, Indonesia
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10.05.2023 - 13.05.2023 (= 4 Tage)

The 2023 JCI ASPAC, Jakarta, Indonesia is not just another area conference in which global active citizens meet to empower one another and discuss how to connect and collaborate to make positive changes and bring long-lasting peace in the region, it is also a new, unique, opportunity for all delegates to synergize for further sustainable development across border.

We will meet to prove and witness the spirit of “Brotherhood of men transcend the sovereignty of nations. This fabulous 2023 JCI ASPAC will be held at the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Besides joining the wonderful conference, delegates can visit Jakarta's iconic buildings that are very artistic, such as Monas, Merdeka Palace, the National Museum, the Istiqlal Mosque, the Jakarta Cathedral and the Welcome Monument, better known as the HI Roundabout. Not only Jakarta's iconic buildings, shopping centers and prestigious hotels are also located in the heartof Jakarta.

The 2023 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference will be the rst international event of JCI Jayakarta and JCI Indonesia and is the rst step to opening up other bigger international events, such as the World Congress. This event brought 4000 people from various countries, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

This 2023 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference will be held from 10 – 13 May 2023, Jakarta, INDONESIA.

Mehr dazu: https://www.2023aspacjakarta.com/